Website Creation

RetailRev offers a customer driven business that focuses on bringing results and setting your website up for search engines while maintaining a professional foundation for web marketing and usability. We are much more than website designers. We are Internet marketers who know that, what you really want is a website that converts (creates sales or leads). A pretty website is secondary.

Below are some of the websites in our portfolio with a brief writeup of what the owner (s) were looking to accomplish:

MC Power Wash

The owners wanted a simple corp feel to impress not only residential prospects and clients but businesses as well. They also wanted to easily edit text on their website without having to be rely on others to make those changes.

In addition, they needed proper search engine configuration (meta tags) in place in order to help increase there natural search rankings with all the major search engines.


Wellness Works Therapy

Here the owners of Wellness Works Therapy based in the Valley wanted a new websites to replace their old one. The old one was not ranking very well because the designers, who did in fact create a nice looking website, were not internet marketers so it lacked the search engine power it needed. Since the creation of the new site, Wellness Works Therapy had expanded into additional areas so we ended up creating 3 websites for them, each different in the public they handle but all branded so that public can see it is the same company. The other 2 websites you can see below under Reach to Succeed and Every Child Achieves. All the graphics are custom and one of a kind.

Since the recreation of their main website with RetailRev, the natural search traffic to their websites have increased every month. That tells us they have now been picked up by the major search engines, the websites have been indexed and they are being found online. This ultimately translates to more customers.

In addition, we installed custom form scripts to help gather and properly route the important and numerous questions they require from their public.


Sterling Van Lines

The owners of Sterling Van Lines hired RetailRev originally just to increase the amount of targeted traffic going to their existing website and get more moving leads.  And I have to admit, this was not an easy client to convince since they had already been promised by many others who said they knew what to do, who in fact did not deliver what was promised. The good thing though about the Sterling owners is that they really monitor the ROI so, the loss in revenue was never as bad as it could have been with others before RetailRev. RetailRev, being Google Adwords Certified, and having years of practical experience marketing online, went in and now after over a year of consistent Adwords marketing, are still in good company with Sterling Van Lines.

And with their increase in viable leads, we have been hired to help them increase their natural search rankings and have helped them with numerous other Internet Marketing and technical related activities including new market research and as shown below, a new website.

They wanted to keep the website very simple and clean and really what they ultimately wanted was a site they could easily edit if they wanted to and to gain the ability to create landing pages (at the recommendation of RetailRev) in order to increase conversion rates even more.


Resell Rights Garage

This was a project created by the owner of RetailRev, Larry Hall. Mr. Hall, being a long time veteran Internet Marketer (or what he calls a net-prenure), found a need online for a certain type of product and used his resources to create a custom website to help fill that need.

In addition to the website creation, flash and custom graphics, he installed a membership, shopping cart and payment system and integrated it all together. And although Mr. Hall no longer does a lot of this work himself, his past hands-on experience has enabled him to really understand the numerous subjects involved in the large area called internet Marketing.


Reach to Succeed

As mentioned above under Wellness Works Therapy, RetailRev created a new website that reaches a different type of public which maintains a branding and unified aspect for the company.


Master Serv

Master-Serve is a well known and respected copper repipe company that services all of California and Nevada. They are not a “plumbing” company but focus on a specific niche within that industry and this needed to be well communicated to potential customers visiting their website.

RetailRev’s parent company Standard Internet Marketing was contacted by them through a referral (which is where 95% of our business comes from), to help them increase the number of qualified leads they received. Master-Serv has already been around for decades and has successfully done radio, flier and other forms of advertising in addition to an aspect of internet marketing. But, they knew they could get more, they just needed the right internet marketing company to show them they were right…. and we did and we have ever since.

And as usual, our effective internet marketing activities grew into the handling of their entire online marketing area including the creation of a new website that would ultimately increase their conversion rates.

You see, driving a lot of traffic to a website that doesn’t turn that traffic into a lead, a sale or an opt-in, is just bad manners. So we were given the task of creating a new website for them from scratch that would not only be fresh, clean and professional, but enlighten their website visitors enough to want to send in a quote form or call in to get a quote… so we did!


Curry Insurance Agency

The owners of ISU Curry needed a makeover. Through a referral we were contacted and they signed up. But, they got more than they bargained for. Within their new site, at the owners request, is the ability to go in and edit the content any time they want, as easy as using MS Word. They also received our SEO (search engine optimization) package for special website tags for the search engines to help them be more widely accepted by the search engines.

The result? A beautiful and professional site that communicates their professionalism and friendliness with newly created content that describes their products and services in a human and search engine friendly way with an ease for website visitors to easily contact them for a quote!



Ann’s Family Moving

Created for one of our present clients, they decided to direct some of their online efforts toward another niche in their respective marketplace and required a website that would not only attract new targeted visitors but convert them to leads as well.






The requirements from the owners; “a website that is very simple, minimalist and clean that can highlight our Interior Design products and services in a professional manner.”

VIOLA! – And happy they are…


My Mechanic Matt

Created for a local mobile mechanic, this website has helped him to gain a lot more business!


Mini Storage On Wheels

A successful moving company asked us to help them create a website that would rank well with the search engines but also be easy to understand by prospects and customers… ultimately, we achieved exactly what they wanted!


Dr. Kormeili Dermology

A professional dermatologist in a high end area hired us to get a professional yet friendly website created for her – she and her prospects love it!


Every Child Achieves

A local well known child rehabilitation clinic had us create several websites for them, this being one. Each one has it’s own appeal and target a specific type of clientele.