RetailRev offers several key services. In our arsenal of effective strategies, you’ll find Google Adwords Certified/Qualified Pay-Per-Click Management, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Services as well as professional Website Creation.

In fact, when you hire us to create your new or redesigned Website, you’re not just getting a site created by a design firm. You’re getting a site created by an internet marketing company. This is key since, who cares about a nicely designed site unless it contains the built in factors that will get it picked up by the search engines. Designers are not always internet marketers, although they can design a beautiful website.

The reason you are or want to go online is to convert the traffic going to your site. Well, they need to find it to convert, right? So again, a beautiful site is not necessarily a site that will rank and convert.

Hiring us to develop your website brings in years of online marketing into play which will add to the real reason you want that site to begin with; to rank, get traffic and convert that traffic.

When you become a client of ours, you and your online business will be well taken care of. Some of what we offer with our services is detailed website analytics set-up and configuration so that you know how many people arrive at your website, how they got there, and where they go when they get there.

In fact, would you like to know who calls you from your website, how long they were 0n the phone, who they talked to and there exact geographical location in the world plus there address? Would you like to have detailed reports that will tell you where your best dollars are being spent and from which keywords, how much it cost you for that sale or lead and precisely what needs to be adjusted to improve even that?

Welcome to RetailRev! And we offer even more than that.

If you seriously want to drive lots of targeted traffic to your online business and get it to convert, you owe it to yourself and your business to give us a call or send in the contact form.

Online marketing is THE business trend and has been for many years now. As we all know, going online (properly) has one of the brightest futures of any business expansion technique.

Join us and other online businesses and get your share of the online marketing pie.

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