Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization for online business is the art and science of adapting a website which is meant for human visitors, to the search engines which even now read and understand only text. Done well, this can result in “free” search engine traffic from search engines such as Google, moves product, leads to new customers and brings in revenue.

Understanding online business as well as we do, we know that many websites and most shopping cart systems are not search engine friendly. We use several software products, several proprietary and one commercial that can do much to increase visibility in the search engines. All of these tools can be leveraged by most online businesses.

Search Engine Optimization has evolved much beyond optimizing one site however. Many of the most successful online businesses today must employ multiple websites, all optimized in a different way, along with getting thousands of links from websites around the internet in order to succeed. The ranking algorithms of all the search engines are different, which means you need a different strategy for each search engine. Link Directories, Blog and RSS promotions, Article Marketing, search engine optimized Press Releases, purchasing links, secondary content sites with triangular linking strategies, as well as others are all part of winning the game in SEO

As an online business, you probably don’t care about all of this, but you need to know that just optimizing your website is not enough, and has not been enough for some time now. To win at SEO takes some sophisticated use of technology, intelligent promotion, and a good long term strategy. We can help you get those search engine visitors you seek, the really valuable ones that are searching for exactly the very products and services you carry, and who are willing to pay for it.

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