Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the process of buying visitors through ads on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others, as well as by placing ads on targeted websites within their respective advertising networks, which are quite extensive.

When people search for specific items on these search engines your ads are then triggered, and when people click on your ads they are then brought to the appropriate page on your site where they can find out about and purchase that item. Other ads can be put on selected websites, and be text or graphical. The text versions of these ads are designed so that if the page a person is viewing on the internet has certain content in it which matches the keywords the advertiser has chosen, the ad will then show, which if done correctly, targets consumers at the exact time they are interested in a specific item.

In order to be successful, really successful, an online business must approach this area much differently than a typical B2C (business to consumer) advertiser. Buying targeted search terms is not enough, and is about where most other companies stop. It takes research by online marketing experts to find the correct terms that will lead to a profitable marketing campaign with proven ROI.

Further, unlike most other companies, we know the ROI of the online marketing process inside and out, so we use our patent pending ROI Accelerator system to actually maximize the revenue per visitor. What’s the secret? Hint: it has nothing whatsoever to do with the cost per click, bidding strategies, ad text, or the url the person visits on your site. We will give you this secret free which will result in a huge boost in ROI just by calling us at 800-980-1746.

To execute a Pay Per Click program successfully, all ROI must be tracked for each and every keyword and advertisement across each search engine, and ideally be tied through a CRM system so that we can track our advertisements from all the different search engines and websites, all the way through to the new customer acquired, and further calculate the dollar retail value that customer meant to us. Only then can we begin the ROI Accelerator process. Most online businesses use on the order of thousands of keywords as opposed to hundreds like B2B (business to business) advertisers do, so it necessitates leveraging technology that can help with the management and all the advertising creatives and keywords. Our proprietary system, RetailRev Optimizer, can be used by itself as a self service item, or as a tool to help increase your ROI in marketing programs managed by us.

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