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CEO RetailRev.com

CEO RetailRev.com

Hello, my name is Larry Hall and I’m the CEO and Founder of RetailRev.

We’re a real company dedicated to providing great online marketing services and products. I work from my home office most of the time and have just a handful of great staff. I don’t have 300 clients to service and don’t really want that many. I keep enough clients to make life interesting, not stressful. My staff like working for me and a happy staff makes for happy clients.

Personally, I’ve been my own successful internet marketer for almost a decade and a half. I’ve created and launched successful software products, have grown email lists of tens of thousands of eager people willing to receive my emails, enthused an army of affiliates dying to spend their marketing dollars to promote my products, designed websites that convert, installed software scripts, configured auto-responders, shopping carts, support systems, created ebooks, membership sites, and successfully created and ran an internet marketing training company for years that taught and enabled hundreds of individuals and businesses get into and become successful in the internet marketing arena.

I’ve created and sold many internet businesses over the years which has enabled me to expand into areas of the internet which I had not previously been involved with and which lead to a fascinating education.

And being a successful net-preneur enables me to go anywhere and work from anywhere

Presently I am involved with several very interesting projects with people who approached me to help them to take their ideas online.

My service division is a lot like an ad agency without all the fluff. You won’t be impressed by our lavish offices but we hope to impress you with our skills and service.

If you’re looking for a corporate company that takes on everyone that comes along , we’re not the one for you. But if you want a little more attention than you’d get somewhere else, and you would actually like to talk with the owner sometimes, then you’ve arrived. I’ll probably love to have you as a client and will more than likely help you but, we’ll never know until we talk or you send in that “Contact Us” form. If I think we can make your online marketing endeavors better and drive lots of targeted traffic to your online business, and do you and your business justice, I’ll want you as a client. And hopefully, you’ll want us as your Online Marketing Service and Website Creation company.

Thank you,

Larry Hall
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